Weather has been in new stadium’s favor

Knoxville’s stadium takes shape. (Compass photo)

Give Mother Nature a nod for Knoxville’s new stadium being on track so far – so much so that the grass playing surface should be installed this summer.

That’s the latest update from Scott Barker of the Compass, which has thoroughly covered the stadium project from inception to construction.

Barry Brooke is an executive vice president at Lawler-Wood and the construction adviser to the Knoxville-Knox County Sports Authority.

“They’ve had great weather,” he said in the Compass story that is aptly titled “Progress Toward the First Pitch,” and can be read HERE. “It’s been great for them to make progress and they’ve taken full advantage of it.”

The Smokies baseball team also shared some progress photos Friday on social media with the completion now standing at 60 percent.

The Compass noted how much progress has been made, including foundations for the scoreboard, concrete grandstand behind home plate, structure of bullpens – fans will be able to walk directly behind them to watch pitchers get ready – and four of six light poles in place.

Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon said, “This time next year, we should be throwing out the first pitch and celebrating the Knoxville Smokies. I’m very excited. It has been a heavy lift and a lot of work to coordinate.”

Randy Boyd, who has spearheaded the stadium from the start and also serves as president of the University of Tennessee system, sent his remarks via a statement to Compass and said a series of announcements will unfold over the next 12 months about the development around the park, including restaurants and retailers.

Boyd noted, “The only question left is who gets the honor of saying, ‘Play ball!’ for the first game in the new stadium in April 2025.”

I’m sure we can find some volunteers.

Maria Cornelius, a senior writer/editor for MoxCar Marketing + Communications, is a lifelong baseball fan and longtime Smokies season ticket holder. If you’re on Twitter follow along HERE.